Business Forms

Sole Proprietorship
Whats the difference between Proprietorships, Partnership, C corps, S corps, and LLCs ?

Click here to gain a better understanding of these five business forms along with their pros and cons.

Whether you are trying to decide which one will best suite your business needs, or just want to know more for your own information, this is the place to start. Either way you will leave equipped with useful knowledge. There is also a comparison table that highlights the differences between the business forms.


Business Plans

The write thing Project 365(2) Day 12Looking to put your business ideas together to get the entrepreneurial ball rolling? Are you attempting to attract investors to grow your already successful business? When writing a business plan is your next step, this is a great starting point.

Here is all the information you need to begin writing. This series will take you through what to include in your business plan to make it a success. Every section from the executive summary to the financial projections are covered here. Writing a business plan has just become much less of a daunting task.

Have any questions, or need a little bit of help, feel free to reach out to me.


Term of the Week

preferred stock Brush up on the terms that make the accounting world go round. The Term of the Week and the Glossary have all you need to keep up with the lingo. Don’t get lost in the jargon!

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