General Guidelines

I welcome fellow bloggers or writers to take advantage of the growing popularity of This is not a call for marketing companies to try to get free advertising.
Similar bloggers and writers are more than welcome to become a part of the growing popularity of We currently accept guest posts from those that operate similar blogs, accountants, or writers with financial experience.
If writing a guest post interests you please fill out the contact form near the bottom of the page.
When contacting us please include a request of the topic you would like to write about. This should align with the general theme of Please reach out to me for topic approval before writing and sending in a complete post.
When requesting to write a guest post please include a link to your website that is at least older than one month so that I may check the quality of your writing. If you do not have a website, please include a writing sample.

Guest Post Writing Requirements

After receiving approval please keep the following writing requirements in mind:
• The post should be at a minimum 500 words.
• Please take the time to proofread. Spelling and grammar should be at a reasonable level.
• 2 links back to your blog can be included in the post body, at the end of the post, or the author introduction. This can be to the homepage or to specific posts.
• Do not include any copyrighted information that is not licensed to be placed on this website.
• Consider sending an image to use with the post that follows copyright restrictions. If you do not send one, I will attempt to find one.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the contact form below.
Thanks in advance!

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