Reasons To Get A Bookkeeper



Are you running your own business?

If so, are you drowning in expenses, invoices, and receipts?

Maybe you’re even worried about how to file your taxes?

Can you do it all and focus on growing your business at the same time?

A business owners’ resilience is what makes their organization successful; however, for even the most skilled business professional, managing finances can be overwhelmingly stressful. And the scary reality is: mismanaging finances for your company can ultimately create dire situations and can lead your company to the brink of extinction.

Just as you would make a capital investment in your business, business owners should invest in their fiduciary security and hire a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers bring a wealth of knowledge with them including years of education and experience. They understand the best capital management strategies and they speak the finance lingo. With their partnership you can continue to ensure your business prospers while continuously turning a profit year over year. Businesses cannot successfully operate without a dedicated employee responsible for monitoring incoming incomes and outgoing expenses. A growing company simply cannot afford to mismanagement financial assets or to incorrectly file taxes. More often than not, inaccurate financial books can cause a company to fail

While you could turn to popular computer programs to monitor your company’s financial health, they simply just can’t do it all.  A trusted, well-versed bookkeeper cannot only monitor your company’s financial healthy as any computer software would. The advantage, however, is that a bookkeeper can also serve as a trusted financial advisor that can help you determine growth strategies and investment opportunities on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

A small business owner can wear many different hats throughout the course of a typical business day. While you can do it all, don’t forget the old phrase: your time is money! What may take you weeks to accomplish can be accomplished faster with a skilled, certified bookkeeper. Simply put: you can spend more time operationally securing the future of your company and less time managing expenses.  While it may be an investment upfront to hire an employee, in the long-run you’re creating more wealth opportunities to grow your business.

Also, don’t forget why you started your company in the first place. As a business owner you wear many hats. You are a dreamer, a do-er, a creative. While you had a list of reasons to start your own business, managing cash flow likely wasn’t one of them. A professional bookkeeper, even on a part-time basis, will give you the opportunity to focus on your true passion: your business. Just as your passion is growing your business, their passion is in the numbers! A great bookkeeper will not only keep your books up-to-par, they are passionate about their craft and will help you grow your business.

An internal bookkeeper that understands your industry, your company’s financial health, your company’s long-term vision and your passion is the support a business owner needs to create a company with longevity.

Whether its the upcoming tax season or for your own sanity, its never too late to get your books in order and mysimpleaccountant is here to help. Reach out today to find new ways to gain clarity and insight into your business.

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