Here are a few tools and resources that I have found helpful for entrepreneurs, and for use in the accounting and finance profession. Some of these I have created, and others I have found from hours of work.  Save yourself some time and look through this list. You may find exactly what you have been looking for. If there are any tools that you think I should check out please feel free to leave a comment.


McHouse Under ConstructionFinancial Statement Builder
This is a tool that I made to help put together and analyze financial statements. It very simply guides you were to put in information, and allows for changes to be made to the spreadsheets. Once complete you can download the spreadsheet to print it yourself, or you can just continue to use it online. I encourage everyone from students, to entrepreneurs, to experienced accountants. Check it out.


Wedding Budget Planner

MarriageWhen planning a wedding it is very easy to lose track of the costs and leave yourself wondering where all the money went. This wedding budget planner is a tool designed to allow you to set your budget and stick to it. You will be easily able to see where you were able to save money, or where you may have overspent. This free tool is one more way to make planning for the big day a little less stressful. Click here to see it for yourself.

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